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Customer Reviews & Stories

Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Goal

"Your Company is wonderful & very kind."


"I got the best service today. I'm very pleased with the quote I got today and I will be bringing my car in for repairs soon...ty."

Patty D. (via Facebook)

"The best Auto Body Shop in town. Come on down, you will be leaving with a smile not a frown. These guys know their job and do it right and on time. They are also kind and always keep their customers in mind, great job."

Ellen B. (via Facebook)

"The employees are attentive to your needs and customer oriented. They keep you informed through out the process and their finished work is outstanding. I wouldn't hesitate to be a returning customer in the unfortunate event that I am in another collision."

Steven C.

"Very friendly people. Attentive about my needs and concerns about my car that was at a horrific accident on May 4th... can't wait to get it fixed. Very friendly staff.. they even accompanied me to a rental place So I can get a rental, since Hertz doesn't have a driver to pick me up at the auto body place.


Joey B.

What can I say....this company is AMAZING!!!

"I live in Orange County and my car was involved in a horrific and tragic accident outside of Marysville this summer. Needless to say my car was totaled and they were nice enough to store my belong in for a few days until I could drive up to get them. Not only that... The owner came in on a Saturday to get my belongings for me.

Tracy is the sweetest and every time I talked to her, she made me feel at ease and was concerned about those involved in the accident. I can't recommend them enough. This company exemplifies every good thing a business should be. Kind, caring, dedicated and professional."

Tracy R.

"This place is excellent. They did top notch work on our VW. We got very good service at every level. We couldn't be happier."

Daniel Schwenter

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